These are samples of my Cognizant works as the Product (UX/UI) Designer Manager using the full user-centered design process to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement the user interface from start to finish.

1. With Cognizant, I initiated the Facets Video Tutorial Initiative, a project from scratch. I created a Design Summary Proposal that the leadership signed off on. I then started the user research by interviewing stakeholders plus probable actual users, then created prototypes that conceptualized the intended video tutorial concept. I then returned the design to users and validated that the UI's functionalities worked as intended. I then have the legal department sign off on it. Facets Video Tutorial Final Prototypes 2. Another high-fidelity HTML prototype used for usability testing: 3. Here are the usability scripts I prepared to conduct the Provider App UI test and the succeeding Post UT report: 4. I have conducted several in-house seminars, training courses, and boot camps for User-Centered Design, Camtasia, and Scrum/Agile Methodologies to ramp up the knowledge transfer of Cognizant employees. Here are their training lessons:
5. Here are a few use cases as results of the Billing Management user research based on interviews
6. Here are other high-fidelity HTML prototypes I created for usability testing use on a couple of my projects.
   a. Facets Billing Application
    b. Facets Member Application 7. A few more high-fidelity HTML prototypes I designed, developed, and maintain: 8. This project is a culmination of the collaboration between all UX designers, resulting in the creation of the Facets Style guide. We use this as a reference when initiating our design reusing components, which results in design coherence and consistency. We advise developers to refer to the styles used in our designed user interfaces in this repository. 9. With Logical Design Solutions, as a consultant, I was involved with user research that culminated to the creation of two documents we gave to Valero:
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