CORNELL UNIVERSITY 02/2024 to Current: eCornell Online UI/UX Course Facilitator

  • Take the role of an in-course expert to support and guide learners as they work through their courses.
  • Interact with learners through asynchronous online discussions and through scheduled live virtual Q&A sessions by providing experience-informed feedback on graded projects.
  • Engage daily in the course with the students to demonstrate meaningful presence.
  • Provide individualized feedback on projects/assignments.
  • Ensure a positive learning experience for learners possessing a similar mindset in achieving eCornell’s goal.

2U edX 01/2024 to Current: Instructional Specialist

  • Lead online lectures following a detailed lesson plan that includes an active discussion environment and project-based learning.
  • Bring the learning experience to life by building community and enhancing relevance by drawing on my industry experience.
  • Translate complex subject matter clearly and concisely for a diverse range of learners or skill levels.
  • Create an engaging, positive, and inclusive learning environment for our students Increase participant engagement using different facilitation tactics.
  • Communicating timely with students and leveraging effective interventions by sharing resources

Cognizant 10/2011 to Current: Product (UX/UI) Designer Manager

  • Directs and mentors junior UX designers to create a successful product, enabling them to be successful designers.
  • Sets the tone for how the team will carry out UX processes. Provides direction on iterations of mock-ups/wireframes/prototypes.
  • Collaborates with product owners and other design team members to define research goals and prioritize requirements.
  • Develops strategic research program and directs user experience validation and testing.
  • Take an active role in defining methodologies and reporting requirements. Acts as the conscience and voice of the user to help us create products that meet our user's needs.
  • Plans, schedules, and conducts usability tests, including defining the recruiting criteria. Write post-study reports and present findings to respective stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  • Conducts usability testing and post-deployment evaluations to measure user experience success. Integrates findings into meaningful recommendations.
  • Utilizes usability studies data to identify opportunities to improve user experience described in actionable results. Uses site analytics and metrics to define and monitor success.
  • Promotes 508 accessibility by incorporating WCAG guidelines into designs.

TravelClick 08/2011 to 10/2011: Senior User Interface Developer

  • Responsible for ensuring that the web-based products built by TravelClick meet all necessary qualifications of the industry’s most advanced engine that increases conversion, provides an excellent user experience, and can be deployed across multiple environments.

SecondMarket 02/2009 to 07/2011: User Experience Designer II

  • Improved the usability, usefulness, and desirability of SecondMarket’s interactive web-based financial trading systems using a user-centered design approach.
  • Conducted user interviews and workshops to collect, document, and communicate requirements using visualization techniques.
  • Performed Usability Testing to assess design with users to see if it meets its intended purpose.
  • Applied knowledge of cognitive processes, including web analytics, to simplify the user interface to increase usability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Applied Google Analytics for content analysis to understand which parts of the website are performing well and which pages are most popular to create a better customer experience.
  • Provided wireframes, visual design comps, and screen specifications based on user requirements using Visio, InDesign, and PhotoShop.
  • Conducted UX knowledge transfer training for new UX designers to ramp up team design/development collaboration.

Logical Design Solutions (LDS) 06/2008 to 12/2008: Consultant, User Experience

  • Primarily consulted with external clients and internal stakeholders:
    • Valero – took the user experience lead in designing the HR portal project; translated user requirements to Information Architecture (IA), Site Maps, and individual Wireframe specifications using Visio.
    • Colgate – performed the expert review and heuristic analysis to include web analytics of Colgate’s internal employee’s “eBuy” portal; made recommendations using eCommerce best practices to help redesign and make more effective their employee portal more.
    • Schering-Plough – analyzed the usability of similar competitive sites vs.; gathered data on how product-related information must be organized, presented, or accessed in the Child vs. Adult content.
    • LDS SharePoint Portal – took the UX lead in designing the information architecture and creation of the Portal Design Standards document that elaborated page patterns, listing common component functionalities, component sizing, and current article set definitions, asset link handling, and list of needed for implementation to include web analytics to improve usability.

CheckFree / FISERV 01/2001 to 05/2008: Sr Web Designer/Developer and UI Specialist

  • Took the lead in web designing, developing, and maintaining the CIS intranet product support sites in the enterprise-wide portal environment; implemented Oracle (formerly Stellent) UCM.
  • Gathered the business requirements and utilized web analytics to design the Oracle UCM portals.
  • Collaborated content from different contributors (Business Analysts, Product Managers, Product Strategists, and Technical Writers.
  • Conducted in-house UX introductory training to FISERV employees to evangelize the user centered design approach.