Portfolio Works

Inquiry Methods and User Analysis
Building a Local Community.pdf

Interaction Design and Information Architecture
Nutri Coach.pdf

Usability Evaluation Methods
My Med Schedule Comparison.pdf

Information Visualization and Infographics
InfoGraphics: Top Two Leading Causes of Death by County of Residence NJ 2012 – Tableau
10-Year Arrest Trends.pdf

Global User Research
The Differential Efficacy of Ecommerce Sites.pdf

Usability Issues Handheld Device
Prototype: NYC Dept of Ed (Mobile IOS).pdf
NYC Dept of Ed (Mobile Android).pdf

Prototyping & Implementation
Presentation: A-RHYM Heart Tracker.pdf
Prototype: http://opd91n.axshare.com/home.html

Social Interaction Design
Presentation: Town Crier.pdf

Web Design Projects
URL: Amity Animal Clinic
URL: Euro Art Renovation
URL: Joshua Evangelization
URL: New York Radiation

Functional HTML Prototypes
URL: Account Activation
URL: Administration Center

Doctoral Papers and Presentation:
Building Organizational Capacity.pdf
Business Integration and Strategy.pdf
Change Initiative Program.pptx
Conflict Resolution and Mediation.pdf
Critiquing Organizational Culture.pdf
Culture and Change through Annotated Bibliographies.pdf
Ethics in Business Presentation.pptx
Ethics, Sustainability, and Social Issues in Twenty-first Century Businesses.pdf
Leader as Coach Consultant.pdf
Leadership for Excellence.pdf
Research Employee Commitment, Motivation, and Cultural Intelligence.pdf
Research Methodology - Agile.pdf
Strategic Plan for Sustainable Innovation.pdf
The Importance of Leadership Communication and Trust.pdf